A book all about life at the Argosy Motel, ‘Life in Turquoise and Pink’, has just been published. Get yours at Amazon!

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Do you know how many people say to me, “I wish I could own a motel on the beach like this one.”? Many customers, acquaintances, and strangers have verbalized this very sentiment to me while standing on the pool deck with the wind, right off the ocean, blowing their words into swirling images around their heads. They see the sand and sea, the sun and the sky, but little do they understand the effort that it takes to make a comfortable vacation experience for a wide variety of beach goers at a sixty year old motel.

If you have ever been so deceived, let me brush the sand out of your eyes. That is unless you like never leaving your job, doing constant repair work, doing lots of paper work, having your property taxes constantly raised without limit, satisfying the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the turtle patrol, never going on vacation, working almost all holidays, pleasing people, and love cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Did I, you may ask, ever have any romantic notions about running a motel on the beach in Florida? Not at all. I married into it. My husband, Greg, was practically born into it, being adopted and brought to the Argosy at five days old. Now we want to sell ourĀ turquoise and pink motel, but it’s taking longer than the rebuilding of the sand dunes after a hurricane level erosion.

When Greg and I moved to the motel in 2000 we thought it would take only a year or two to sell. We never considered that we would be running a motel for more than a decade. I was certain the sale of the motel would be quickly done, and the running of the Argosy would be a small chapter in my book of life. Instead, our experiences have turned into this book of true stories of life at the Argosy Motel in Ormond by the Sea, Florida.